Fishing at Six Mile Waterworks

With Father’s Day being today, I thought it would be a great opporunity to take Ben fishing for the first time. I hadn’t been fishing in over 35 years so you might as well consider it my first time as I felt like a fish out of water (no pun intended).¬†We went with the Strano’s and it was Val and Shayne’s first time too.

Unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish and I don’t think anyone else at Six Mile Waterworks did either LOL. However, Val caught what appeared to a comb from the 80s LOL again.

Overall, it was a great 1st day getting acclimated with the pole so we will be ready for those fish next time around.

IMG_20170618_130157 IMG_20170618_133959 IMG_20170618_134008 IMG_20170618_135842 IMG_20170618_135858 20170618_145617IMG_20170618_140358 IMG_20170618_145553 IMG_20170618_145905

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