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Getting Closer To Walking

Yesterday Ben took 2 steps on his own and the day before 4 steps. Jodie and I didn’t see him since he was at daycare. He is getting very close.

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Ben, Siena, & Roman

Jen, Eric, Siena, and Roman came to Albany for a few days. We went to Aunty Annie’s yesterday to visit them. The last time Ben and Siena were together Ben wasn’t crawling yet and Siena was able to steal his … Continue reading

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Frankie’s House

Until recently, Ben was only fascinated with opening and shutting the door of Frankie’s house. Last night, he began a new phase in which he repeatedly would enter and leave the house. Here is a video…pay attention to what he does with his … Continue reading

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1st Haircut

Today Ben got his first haircut. His hair was really long. Here are the before and after photos… Before After

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