Monthly Archives: December 2008

Day After Christmas at Grammy’s

We continued the busy Christmas weekend by going to Grammy’s. Cozy cousins, Ben and Siena snoozing.

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Ben Sucking Thumb for First Time

Yesterday (on Christmas) at Aunty Annie’s Ben sucked his thumb for the first time while Tyler was holding him. Here is a video.

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Ben’s First Christmas

We went to Aunty Annie’s for Christmas. It was Ben’s first outing. He slept through most of it.

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Some Video

Here are some short videos of Ben. The first is from 12/20/08 (5 days old) and the second if from 12/21/08 (6 Days Old). I stop the second video as he was just about to cry.

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More Pictures

Here are more pictures of Ben from his 1st week at home.   The following photo was just before his first trip to the pediatrician.        

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