Closing out 2nd Grade

Today was Ben’s 2nd grade end of the year class party. Each of the kids did an acrostic poem presentation about an important civil rights leader, and Ben’s group had Martin Luther King. After that, each child shared their writing portfolios with their parents. This portfolio included all their writings from the entire year and Ben was able to highlight his favorite piece of writing (Captain Underpants), something he can do well or had improved upon (a postcard), a sample story map (about Halloween), and so much more.

The kids also enjoyed pizza and ice cream, as well as a few other games and activities. One of the activities was to highlight what they wanted to do this summer.

We are so proud of what Ben accomplished this year with Mrs. DeMerchant. We will miss her very much.

IMG_20170621_120540 IMG_20170621_121740-01 IMG_20170621_122406 IMG_20170621_123538-01 IMG_20170621_124253 IMG_20170621_124941 IMG_20170621_131811 IMG_20170621_131839 IMG_20170621_132415 IMG_20170621_134147 IMG_20170621_135343 IMG_20170621_190352-01 IMG_20170621_190451-01 IMG_20170621_190507-01 IMG_20170621_190525-01 IMG_20170621_190734-01 IMG_20170621_190854-01 IMG_20170621_190909-01

Here’s the video of Ben’s group reading their Martin Luther King acrostic poem….

Here’s Ben reading about what super power he would like if he was a superhero….

Here’s Ben explaining and reading his favorite writing of the year about Captain Underpants….

And here’s Mrs. DeMerchant’s slideshow of the year….

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Cherishing the School Projects

Ben gave some really cool Father’s Day gifts this year, but I really cherish these school projects. They really come from the heart and they will be awesome to look back on.

IMG_20170618_212106-01 IMG_20170618_212238-01 IMG_20170618_212540-01 IMG_20170618_213313-01

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Fishing at Six Mile Waterworks

With Father’s Day being today, I thought it would be a great opporunity to take Ben fishing for the first time. I hadn’t been fishing in over 35 years so you might as well consider it my first time as I felt like a fish out of water (no pun intended).¬†We went with the Strano’s and it was Val and Shayne’s first time too.

Unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish and I don’t think anyone else at Six Mile Waterworks did either LOL. However, Val caught what appeared to a comb from the 80s LOL again.

Overall, it was a great 1st day getting acclimated with the pole so we will be ready for those fish next time around.

IMG_20170618_130157 IMG_20170618_133959 IMG_20170618_134008 IMG_20170618_135842 IMG_20170618_135858 IMG_20170618_140358 IMG_20170618_145553 IMG_20170618_145905

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Summerfest at Butler Park

Ben and I went to Summerfest at Butler Park tonight. It was the perfect pre-Father’s Day celebration with cool rides and awesome fireworks. Ben did the bumper cars all on his own too.

IMG_20170617_204808 IMG_20170617_211343 IMG_20170617_212403 IMG_20170617_214007 IMG_20170617_214452 IMG_20170617_214723

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Grandparents Day at West Sand Lake Elementary

Ben’s school hosted its annual Grandparents Day today and his Grammy was able to visit. It was a treat all around as school was only a half day as well.


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