Pinewood Derby

Ben had his first Pinewood Derby (pack 528) today and it was a successful one. It was important that the scouts did most of the building and design of the car, but I did assist him with cutting it, drilling, and applying the weights. We designed it together and he chose all the colors. He also sanded it and painted it.

Some how, miraculously, Ben did way better than we imagined. He came in 1st place in his Wolves den, and he placed 3rd overall out of 41 cars.

During the second race, a penny or two (for weight) fell off his car and the crew took the time to glue it back for his third race, which was very nice of them. The only other hitch was that Ben and I completely forgot about his uniform, but it was the big Steelers playoff game tonight, so can you blame us?

 IMG_20170106_193722 IMG_20170107_164049 IMG_20170107_164446 IMG_20170115_125903 IMG_20170115_143711 IMG_20170115_143958 20170115_140054IMG_20170115_153326 IMG_20170115_155225 IMG_20170115_155542 IMG_20170115_155933-01 IMG_20170115_160110 IMG_20170115_160140_Crop IMG_20170115_160201 IMG_20170115_160309

And here’s a video showing Ben’s 3 races and the awards ceremony.

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Christmas with the Wells

After spending a couple of days at the Brogan’s, Ben joined Jodie at the Wells for another Christmas celebration. It was a cousin overload week for Ben and he loved it.

They also found time go bowling (see Brogan’s Christmas). This time it was the conventional style, which he is more accustomed to. Ben was proud to tell me he used a 6 pound ball with three holes in it. He used a 5 pound ball with 5 holes in it the last time he bowled.

20161228_144718_crop 20161228_150142 20161228_150720 20161228_151232 20161228_151349 20161228_154115 20161228_154126

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Christmas with the Brogans

Ben and I headed to Franklin, MA on Christmas afternoon to visit the Brogans. He had a great time playing his new game, Ticket to Ride, with Tyler and I. We also enjoyed the Steelers big victory over the Ravens, which was so very similar to the game between these same 2 teams while Jodie was in labor 8 years ago.

We also found a little time to go duck pin bowling. It was a first for Ben and my first time in probably 35 years. Ben did very well as he almost scored 60 points in his second game.

img_20161225_184121-01 20161225_184120-01 img_20161225_182539

Here’s one scared kitty….

img_20161225_203731-01 img_20161226_161009 img_20161226_161155 img_20161226_161724 img_20161226_161946

And here are video highlights of us bowling….

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Christmas wishes to Mom and Dad

Ben’s class made Christmas cards and ornaments for the parents, and he was able to make a separate set for Jodie and I. He gave them to us Christmas morning.


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Christmas morning

Jodie, Ben, and I got together Christmas morning to open Santa’s gifts, and boy did this kid make out. He got everything he asked for and then some. The highlights were the Lego Mindstorms Robotics, the Lego Star Wars Tie Striker, and the Lego Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle.

20161224_205249  img_20161225_063215 img_20161225_063955 img_20161225_064345 img_20161225_064509 img_20161225_064718 img_20161225_064843 img_20161225_071212 img_20161225_071552 20161225_070835img_20161225_073043

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