LEGO KidsFest 2016

Ben and I took a trip to Hartford for the Lego KidsFest. It was a truly amazing event for anyone that loves LEGOs. They had a fantastic display of sculptures made of…of course…LEGOs throughout the event. The Lightning McQueen car was easily the most impressive.

There were a number of themed stations in which kids could build LEGOs and compete against others. There was even a Master Builder class that Ben was very impressed with. Probably the coolest thing was the Big Brick Pile which is basically a sea of LEGOs on the floor. Kids dive right in and build whatever they want.

Pics and video after the break.

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Connecticut Science Museum with the Wells

Jodie took Ben to see Debbie and Bobby for Thanksgiving and they had a chance to go to Hartford to visit the Connecticut Science Museum. It was the first time for Ben and it’s a pretty amazing place. He had a chance to build LEGOs, which is always a bonus.

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Ben’s New Contraption

Ben and some gift money he wanted to spend so I took him to Target last week. He looked at the Legos and lightsabers at first. Then we came across some products from VEX Robotics, which is like half Lego half Erector Set. He wasn’t convinced and almost pulled the plug on yet another lightsaber, but at the last minute he decided on the Vex Robotics Forklift.

I’m so glad he did because it’s a really cool product in that it not only teaches kids how to build, it teaches them about how all the gears work together as moving parts. He’s already building another model, the Pick & Drop, and is working his way up to the VEX Robotics IQ Superkit, which can be programmed with Robot C and has four working motors.

Check out the video below showing how the Vex Robotics Forklift works.

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Trick or Treating

Ben had a blast trick or treating with Luke, Val, Shane, and everyone from the street. Ben made out pretty well with a full size KitKat bar and Hershey Kiss.

20161031_170508 20161031_174908

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2nd Grade Halloween Party

Jodie and I had a chance to volunteerĀ and attend Mrs. DeMerchant’s class Halloween Party. The kids got to make a place mat, picture frame, gift bag, and mask, as well as play Bingo.

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